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Some of the 100+ emails you get on a daily basis deserve your attention immediately, while others do not. In fact, some don’t require your attention at all. Zoomin provides you with the ability to stay focused by categorizing your emails in filters for specific people (such as your boss or direct reports), companies, projects or topics. Zoomin slices through your email content so that you can remain focused on what is important.

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Save time on reading

No subject? No problem! With Zoomin’s advanced email summarization, you know what an email is about without even opening it. A short synopsis gives you all you need to act on an email without the need to read that painfully long message.
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Experience piece of mind about your email with optimized workflows that work on all your devices. Zoomin is available for both your iPhone and Microsoft Outlook, so you can enjoy the same experience whether you are at your desk in the office, in an elevator meeting, or at home comfortably relaxing on the couch.

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